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The Denim Collection is an ongoing series of photographs of models wearing nothing but denim.  While the connecting element of each image is the denim, the true focus of the photo is the model.  Typically, the photos are taken against a grey background, and are processed in black and white.  Pose, expression and attitude of the model are what makes each photo stand out.

The series dates back almost ten years since the first photo was taken.  To date the focus has been on models wearing just jeans.  So far about a dozen models have taken part in the project, most as part of another photoshoot.

See some of the past works in The Denim Collection.


The long-term idea is to shoot as many models as possible over the next year or so that I will have enough photos to create a book and have it printed. I hope to also have a gallery showing coordinated with the release of the book.

The Models

I am looking for female models to participate in the Denim Collection shoot and all models must be over the age of 18 at the time of the shoot.

Models of all ethnicities will be considered for participation in the Denim Collection. 

Models interested in participating in this project are required to provide a link to a web based portfolio or Instagram account.  Among the photos in your portfolio should be images that include clear shots of your face, as well as full body shots, preferably images in swimwear or other body shape revealing clothing.  While some nudity is required for this shoot, models are not required to provide any nude photos to be considered.  If you don’t have a portfolio or Instagram, or they don’t show suitable images as described above please provide some images via email to help with the selection process. 

The photoshoots

Each Denim Collection shoot will take place in studio.  A model session will consist of about one hour for hair and makeup application, and about 45 minutes for shooting.  There will optionally be an additional 45 minutes set aside to shoot additional photos for the model’s portfolio.

During the session each model will pose in three or four denim-based outfits.  Essential to each shoot will be for the model to wear at least one or two pairs of jeans.  Other denim options include overalls, coveralls, skirts, shorts, dresses, shirts and jackets.

Models participating in the Denim Collection shoots are expected to shoot the majority of shots wearing only the article of denim clothing.  Shots will include models posing fully exposed topless.  There will also be shots with the model covering or concealing her breasts in the pose (aka implied).  We may also optionally shoot some shots with the model wearing a top – such as a bralette, tank top, non-denim shirt or jacket.  Some tops may be sheer, and others will provide full coverage.  From every session I will select at least 2 images that do not show exposed breasts that can be used on social media if desired.

Models submitting to be included in the Denim Collection should be comfortable with posing/exposure similar to all of the photos below:

A mood board with additional posing inspiration will be provided to models being considered for a Denim Collection shoot.

There will likely be more than one model present in the studio during your session, and several models taking part over the course of a day of shooting. Models will be assigned staggered start times to arrive for hair and makeup. In cases where more than one model is shoot ready we may take turns shooting each model while the other one does a wardrobe change. Models should allow about 3 hours from call time for makeup, wardrobe changes and the full session to be shot.

Due to the limited capacity in the studios because of Covid-19 and that other models will be posing partially nude guests are not allowed in the studio. If you normally have someone accompany you to the shoot you may have them come to the studio entrance with you to meet me and the crew, but they will need to wait somewhere outside the studio, possibly in a nearby coffee shop/restaurant, or return around your wrap time and wait outside the entrance.

What you get

This project is being shot on a trade basis with participating models.  No money is being paid to models to take part in their shoot, nor will any fees be paid upon publication of the images except the very specific case of individual print sales outlined below.  The only compensation for taking part in the project is the images we create during the shoot.  In exchange for your time taking part in the Denim Collection portion of the shoot I will provide an equal amount of time to shoot some content for the model. 

Hair and Makeup will be provided. Wardrobe styling for most concepts will be provided. Models may be asked to bring some of their own clothing and/or shoes to help augment the concept. Models do not get to keep the provided wardrobe.

Image selection for the Denim Collection is entirely up to me.

Please note that images may take quite a while before I release them. For stories submitted to magazines the final images may take 6 months (and sometimes more) for the magazine to release them. When not submitting it can take 1 to 3 months for the entire process, depending on work load.

For published images you will receive the digital tear sheets as provided by the magazine.

You will receive about 5 images from the Denim Collection shoot in digital format for your use on social media and your portfolio. Please note that some images from the Denim Collection shoot may be withheld to be used in the publication of the book.

When a book is published you will receive a digital web copy of the image(s) featured in the book. You may also get a digital copy of any images withheld for the book that did not make it into the book. Models whose photo(s) appears in the book will receive one (1) free copy of the standard format book. You will not be paid anything extra for inclusion in the book.

If photos of the model are used for any non-book items for sale such as prints, postcards, t-shirts, coffee mugs etc. she will receive 25% of the net proceeds (after costs are deducted) from the sale of those items.

Models are NOT permitted to sell any Denim Collection photos directly to their fans. All enquiries for photo prints or other sales should be directed to Azimuth Arts.

About the book

The book has long been a dream, and as more photos are shot for the Denim Collection the reality of a book is getting nearer. However, publishing a book is not an easy thing. When I feel I have enough photos for the book I will launch a crowd funding campaign (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.) to raise enough money to cover the cost of the book. Incentives in the fundraising campaign will include copies of the book. But they may also include prints of photos from the book, or t-shirts, post cards etc with photos of models in the book.

For the funding campaign to be successful it would be nice to have the assistance of the models appearing in the book to promote it. While this is not a requirement to be in the book it will be helpful. More information about the funding campaign will be made available as we get closer to the launch of the campaign.

The book is expected to be about 9″ x 12″ coffee table style book of 100 or more pages. There may be more than one edition of the book. As part of the funding campaign I may offer some limited edition books printed on special paper, or at a different size. Limited edition books will not be provided to models as their free copy. They will receive the standard format of the book.

Extra Shoot Time

As part of your compensation for taking part in the Denim Collection shoot you will have additional shooting time equal to about the same time you spent shooting the denim portion. Many models choose to use this time for some model test photos for their portfolio. Or we can shoot something different for potential submission.

Models who have a pay site such as Only Fans or Patreon can also elect to shoot some exclusive content for their site. If you select this option you will have exclusive use of the photos to post on your fan site for at least 90 days from when I send you the images. After that time I may post those images on my portfolio, website or choose to use them as a submission. You can keep the images on your fan site after the 90 days, they just won’t be exclusive. You may use the photos as part of your regular content updates, or provide web resolution images as incentives to your fans. If you want to sell prints or merchandise with these photos that will need to be coordinated through me and we can work out pricing and compensation.


The Denim Collection shoots take place in studio. I am normally based in Toronto, and will be shooting out of a west end/Junction area studio. When travelling I will be renting different studios, and possibly setting up in an Airbnb type location if it is suitable.

I am currently booking models in Toronto and Montreal. Dates are to be determined based on model interest.

Upcoming possible dates include:

  • Montreal – Late February 2022 – 1 or 2 of these dates
    • Sunday February 20 – 10:00 to 2:00 or 2:00 to 6:00
    • Monday February 21 – 10:00 to 2:00 or 2:00 to 6:00
    • Friday February 25 – 2:00 to 6:00 or 6:00 to 10:00
    • Saturday February 26 – 10:00 to 2:00 or 2:00 to 6:00
  • Toronto – March and April 2022 – 2 to 4 dates TBD
  • Montreal – April or May 2022 – 1 or 2 dates TBD

Dates are subject to change. I will likely only book 1 or 2 Denim Collection sessions in each of the date ranges listed.

Now What?

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please fill in this form, or get in touch with me by email

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