I haven’t loaded film into a camera in over 30 years. So I decided it was about time to get back to my roots, to a time when nobody knew what a digital camera was.

I set up a shoot with Valentina and we met up with makeup artist Yukee at the studio to get ready and pick out some outfits. We headed out into the neighbourhood around the studio and captured the photos you see here. I was really happy that nearly all the photos turned out. My focus was off in a few, and I need to get back into the practice of making sure the model is ready for the shot. With film you only have so many frames loaded in the camera. 36 exposures goes a lot faster than a 64 GB memory card.

Photographer: Scott Cooper
Model: Valentina @val.turudic
Agency: Ciotti Models @ciottimodels
Hair and Makeup: Yuqing Zhou @makeupbyukee

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